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Branding influences corporate image and provides direction for the corporate identity. It is a marketing communications process - one that is planned, strategically focused and fully integrated. It conveys the essence, culture, character and purpose of a company or product. It's the heart and soul of the brand from which all outward expressions emanate. Building a strong brand is invaluable. It is the foundation of your corporate marketing. It's your essence, your herald, your identity.You have heard the term "instantaneous recognition" - This is what our corporate identity branding can do for your company.

When people see a company logo, they form an opinion in their mind as to the size and its professional stature. A "mom & pop" business can appear to be the size of a Fortune 100 company to the viewer if the logo is done right.

Most logos you remember are simple one or two color designs. We will take your company information that you provide, along with your desired corporate image, then brainstorm to come up with a unique logo for your business. We'll create several rough ideas. Then with your help select one or two of them to refine. Each step of the process, the client is involved with the logo development until completely satisfied with the design. The finished logo will then be delivered in hard-copy and digital form to the client.

A well-designed logo should attract the viewer and leave a mental imprint. A dynamic logo can do wonders for a business. It can create a more professional image, regardless of company size, and increases consumer awareness of your products and services. If you currently don't have a logo let Percell Graphics design one to fit your needs. If the logo you have is just not doing it's job, then maybe it is time for a performance review. You review your employees performance, shouldn't you do the same for your company's image? Modernizing your company's image sometimes is necessary to keep up with the times.

We produce a wide variety of booklets, brochures, forms, envelopes, cards, flyers, tickets, letterheads, newsletters, business cards and even custom textbooks, course packets and most anything else you require for marketing. This includes written copy as well as graphics. You name it, and most likely Percell Graphics can do it!

* Up to 8 hours of design time.

$ 400.00
($120. in Savings)
* Includes Drop Shadows & up to 10 hours of design time.
$ 500.00
($150. in Savings)
Each additional color ADD $ 100.00
Multi-colored logo / 20 hours of design time:
* Includes 20 hours of graphic design time
* Multi-color custom designed logo
* Business card design
* Letterhead design
* Envelope design
* Receive logo in both camera-ready and electronic form.
$ 1000.00
($300. in Savings)
Independent Hourly Rate $ 65.00

Would you like a Graphic Consultant on staff to assist your company with corporate image concerns? Most companies can't afford a graphic design artist full-time or even part-time.

We offer our consulting services for a low monthly retainer. Now you can have a designer on call, without incurring the $100 to $200 hourly fees of design agencies.

$200/month (* Minimum 1 yr. contract)



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