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Percell's Potbelly Pig farm was established in the summer of 1992.   We have a small family run farm, located in beautiful Sonoma County, CA.   Although we no longer breed or sell potbellies, we keep this page up for all you pig lovers and will answer questions and give our opinions and advice.  We enjoyed   breeding Exotic Miniature Potbelly Pigs and were quite successful at it, but alas, we moved and were unable to bring our delightful little buddies with us.  It was a sorrowful parting.  From our experience with these wonderful animals, we gained much insight.  We encourage you to be an informed pet owner.   Avoid impulse buys and thoroughly research your intended pet & breeder and be sure to search your soul, be honest with your self in your pursuit of piggy bliss.  Yes, they're cute, but they grow up and live a long time!  They are worthy companions...are you?  

We build WebSites.

In addition to loving pigs, we happen to be Commercial Artists.  We build Web Sites.  From logo design to graphics, we are quite inventive and resourceful.  We invite you to find out more about our services.  " Click on the Percell Power Link on the bottom of the page".  We are committed and flexible in  all our endeavors.

We Love Horses also...
In closing, some of you might recall the older revisions of our page here.  It had alink to our Stud Page,
yes we are Avid Equestrians and enjoy working with horses, especially Arabians.  We will be posting additional information on our equine related services in the near future.  Stay tuned.

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Piggy Photos"Hey, wanna see some pig photos?"


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